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The Code of Iowa was not written with cyclists or pedestrians as its focus. Many parts of our laws overlook the real challenges that pedestrians and cyclists face just trying to get around. Most roads in Iowa were designed with only automobile traffic in mind.

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We represent injured bicyclists throughout the entire State of Iowa. Fairfield is our home, but not our only focus. City, suburban and rural cycling have their own challenges, and we have years of experience with each.

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Why FK Law?

Bicyclists are among the most vulnerable users of our state’s roads and streets. The attorneys and staff of Freeman Kevenides know this first hand because they are cyclists, riding daily to and from the office, to the store, to meet with family and friends and touring recreationally throughout Iowa and the Midwest.

From car doors to unseeing motorists to poor roadway conditions and dogs, bicyclists face a host of threats while attempting to enjoy the pleasures and conveniences of biking.

When a cyclist is injured due to a negligent, reckless or malicious driver, or due to poorly maintained streets, he or she may be entitled to compensation for his or her harms and losses.

To learn more about bicycling and the law please check out our Bike Law blog.

Bicycle advocacy

Providing legal representation to bicycle crash victims is our priority, but our law firm is committed to people who bike even beyond that. We work with other advocates for cycling like the Active Transportation Alliance and the League of Illinois Bicyclists to advance safe cycling.

We dedicate financial resources to local biking clubs and worthwhile bicycle focused organizations. We ride RAGBRAI, The Ride Of Silence, and participate in other events that promote awareness for vulnerable road users. We think biking is fun. We are honored to have received attention from local and national media over the years for our work as bicycle advocates.

In the media

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